People and hotels.
Our beautiful history.

Architecture that reflects our history, gentle sunlight that warms the space, the wonderful welcoming voices...
This tranquil scene has long continued to unfold in Miyanoshita, Hakone for over 140 years.
Fujiya Hotel has shared memories with many of our guests, embracing joy together.
It has become a beloved place for generations, and a place where people can call "home".
With the passage of time, Fujiya Hotel has evolved to create more comfort,
but our wish will always remain the same. For every single moment to be a precious one for our guests.

Anytime you visit, there is always more beauty to be found and more people you want to see.
Fujiya Hotel will always and forever thrive to be that place.


Embracing the changing times.
Our living and breathing grounds.

Our facility has expanded to six buildings over the course of 140 years and our history was built upon this foundation.
It has transformed over the years while preserving the original look,
in which tradition and time have beautifully intertwined to create a comfortable atmosphere.


The oldest building at Fujiya Hotel. The tiled roof similar to that of temple architecture is certainly the highlight. The fusion of Japanese and Western influences can be seen all around, creating the unique architectural beauty of Fujiya Hotel. Once you walk through the main entrance you will find the lobby and the lounge, restored from the former OCEAN VIEW PARLOR.


COMFY LODGE & RESTFUL COTTAGE make up this beautful twin Western building. The decoration on the window shutters and staircase, and the Karahafu gable entrance create a nostalgic atmosphere that retains the look of the building's construction. It exudes a particularly elegant presence.


As the name FLOWER PALACE suggests, all rooms are named after a flower, and the interior and room key are all decorated with floral motifs. Each room has a different design, and there is always a pleasant surprise in store every time you visit. Various room layouts are also available in this building.


Standing on a hill in our plot, the rooms come with a great view of mother nature, and some overlook the Hakone mountain range. Feel the heart of Hakone in every season. Our spa & relaxation facility with a hotspring that overlooks the mountains of Hakone and exclusive guest lounge are also located in this building.


Take one step in, and a whole new world unfolds before your eyes.
Enveloped in a sense of excitement and comfort, our hotel provides relaxation for your body and soul.
Enjoy our private baths with natural hot springs of Miyanoshita, Hakone available in all rooms.


Historic Junior Suite

The spacious layout and high ceiling create such a sense of opennness. The retro interior reminds you of Fujiya Hotel's history and unique atmosphere. Terrace side rooms overlook FLOWER PALACE, and the garden side rooms over look the pond in our garden.

Size: 47~50m² / Number of rooms: 5 / ccupants: 2 people / Bed size:120cmx203cm
Amenities: Air conditioner / humidifier air purifier/ toilet / bath & shower / TV / phone / wi-fi / refrigerator / coffee machine / electric kettle / hair dryer / safe
* Example room layout (differs depending on room)

Historic Deluxe Hollywood Twin

Peach color rooms and European interior design make a chique and calming deluxe room. Every part of the room is photogenic. Relax and unwind in the clawfoot bathtub and enjoy the elegant atmosphere.

Size: 44m² / Number of rooms: 4 / Occupants: 2 people / Bed size: 120cmx203cm
Amenities: Air conditioner / humidifier air purifier/ toilet / bath & shower / TV / phone / wi-fi / refrigerator / coffee machine / electric kettle / hair dryer / safe
* Example room layout (differs depending on room)

Heritage Room

The first floor corner room "Rose" and second floor corner room "Sakura" each have flowers designed on the doors and carpet, reminiscent of the luxurious times of when the hotel was founded. The interior is a revival of the times in 1936 mixing both Japanese and Western influences, creating a nostalgic yet refreshing atmosphere.

Size: 69 ~74m²/ Number of rooms: 2 / Occupants: 2 people / Bed size: 120cmx203cm
Amenities: Air conditioner / humidifier air purifier/ toilet / bath & shower / TV / phone / wi-fi / refrigerator / coffee machine / electric kettle / hair dryer / safe
* Example room layout ( differs depending on room)

Twin Garden Side

The relaxing Japanese style interior blends harmoniously with the nature view outside the window. The garden transforms each season which is one of the highlights. Sit down on the sofa by the window and read or take a nap to spend a relaxing and calm time.

Size: 41m² / Number of rooms: 19 / Occupants: 2 people / Bed size: 120cmx203cm
Amenities: Air conditioner / humidifier air purifier/ toilet / bath & shower / TV / phone / wi-fi / refrigerator / coffee machine / electric kettle / hair dryer / safe
* Example room layout (differs depending on room)


Our classic cuisine to color your journey.

Fujiya Hotel's one and only cuisine has been passed down over the course of our history.
Each dish so memorable is to be enjoyed with your eyes, tongue and soul, all within this magnificent setting.
Enjoy a special time at our bar and lounge, where time seems to flow calmly.


Main Dining Room THE FUJIYA

Our classic French restaurant serves the orginal recipes dating back to founding times.
The 6-meter high folded ceiling with 636 species of alpine plants from the Japanese Alps and the various sculptures hidden in the balustrades and columns make for a beautiful setting.
Enjoy our sophisticated dishes in our unique atmosphere.


"Classic Western gourmet created by the hands of our past Head Chefs.
Enjoy the Fujiya Hotel cuisine in the sophisticated space of RESTAURANT CASCADE, the restored version of the former banquet hall built in 1920. The stained glasses and sculptures have been there from its inception, and creates a gorgoeous atmosphere."


"A traditional piece of pure Japanese architecture, KIKKA-SO was built in 1895 as the official residence of the Imperial Household. The moment you step into the building, you will be calmed by the warmth of the Japanese atmosphere.
Gaze at the changing seasons in the famous garden as you feast your eyes on beautiful Japanese cuisine featuring the best of seasonal ingredients."


Enjoy fine wines from around the world in a classical and dignified atmosphere. You can watch the bartenders at the counter up close and personal, or sink deeper into the sofa for a quiet evening. Enjoy the night to your heart's content.


The lounge, which is bathed in fresh light and lit softly in the evening, is a reproduction of the Ocean View Parlor that was torn down when the front desk relocated in 1977. Among the various menu items, our sweet and sour apple pie with its refreshing sourness is the most popular item.


A bread and sweets shop handcrafted by Fujiya Hotel's bakery chef/pastry chef. In addition to classic curry buns, raisin buns, apple pie and other popular items, the shop also offers limited-time products that represent the four seasons of Hakone. An eat-in space is also available.


15:00 Check-in

Check-in.Begin your 2 nights 3 days vacation.

16:00 Feel history

Walk around and take in the view and the history of our hotel.

18:00 Dinner

Dinner at KIKKA-SO. Enjoy our Japanese gourmet rich in seasonal igredients.

21:00 SPA

Relax in the hot spring on the top floor of the FOREST WING and take in the breathtaking view.

22:00 Relax

Luxurious treatment at relaxation "Zen". Treat your body and soul and fall in to a deep sleep.

8:00 Breakfast

Western breakfast at our main dining room, THE FUJIYA. Enjoy our fresh juice, freshly baked bread and egg dishes.

9:00 Walking and Reading

Walk through the garden after breakfast. Stop by the library on your way back and enjoy some reading time.

12:00 Lunch

Lunch at RESTAURANT CASCADE. Enjoy the classic menu.

14:00 Chilling

Drop by the lounge for a relaxing afternoon tea time with apple pie and darjeling tea.

16:00 Gym

Refresh your body with the indoor natural hot spring pool and our gym.

19:00 Enjoy Dinner

Dinner at our main dining room, THE FUJIYA. Devour the classic French cuisine. Every dish is bound to surprise you.

21:00 At The Bar

Enjoy an original cocktail at BAR VICTORIA.

22:00 Take a Bath

Return to your room whilst you bask in the afterglow of the bar. End your day with a soak in the natural hot spring and unwind.

6:00 Morning Spa

Wake up early and go to the hot spring in the FOREST WING. Enjoy the beautiful view of Hakone enveloped in the morning sun over the steams of the hot springs.

8:00 Breakfast

Breakfast at KIKKA-SO. The subtle elegance of our traditional Japanese breakfast will rejuvinate your body and soul.

9:00 Walking

Stroll through the Japanese garden after breakfast. Take your time and feel the nature with your entire being.

10:00 Shopping

Shop for gifts at our HOTEL SHOP. The instant curry that recreates the flavour of Fujiya Hotel is a must buy.

11:00 Check-out

Take a photo to seal the memorable moment. Check-out, and back to your daily routine.


For a deep relaxing experience.

Located on the top floor of the FOREST WING, our brand new spa will rejuvinate your body and soul.
Unwind in the Miyanoshita hot spring right next to Hakone's forests.
Our relaxation facility "Zen" also welcomes you with a soothing Japanese interior.

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Weaving an irreplaceable bond.

Weddings connect the present and the future.
We are happy to help in creating the first stage for a new chapter in your life here at Fujiya Hotel.
Experience an unforgettable resort wedding in the midst of abundant nature.

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